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About Code Stars Summit

Code Stars Summit is built on top of Silicon Valley Code Camp, the premier free conference of sessions in the world now going on its 9th year. Code Stars Summit, unlike Code Camp are all day attendee paid workshops led primarily by top instructors from code camp and others of equal stature. Expect after coming to this event to not just have an idea about the new technology taught, but to leave the dedicated instruction with the right applicable knowledge to build applications.

Star Presenters

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      Dan Wahlin

    2 Full Days of AngularJS End-to-End Application Development Workshop

    Jumpstart your knowledge of AngularJS with this hands-on workshop. Learn key SPA concepts, AngularJS components, tips and tricks, and more…
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      Estelle Weyl

    CSS3: What you need to know

    This workshop is targeted at designers and developers who already work with CSS, and perhaps even use some features of CSS3, and want to become really proficient in advanced features of CSS3.
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      Douglas Crockford

    Fun with Functions in JavaScript (Full Day)

    This hands-on workshop is about using functions and thinking with functions to take your JavaScript use to another level.

What are the workshop topics?

Topics are selected based on what people are most attracted to at Silicon Valley Code Camp. Expect that most workshops will be lead by top Silicon Valley Code Camp speakers. Each of the workshops (either one or more days long) will be of limited size (typically 25 to 45 students per track).

How much will it cost me to attend?

Expect to pay less than what you would pay at a professional training company. Our focus here is to provide top quality, focussed education from top Code Stars.

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