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AngularJS in 2-Days (Workshop)

AngularJS 2 Day Workshop With Ex Googler Gordon Zhu

In this 2 day workshop, I’ll take you through the core pieces of AngularJS as we build a full product from the ground up. We’ll build on important Angular concepts one by one as we develop features for a real application that you’ll actually launch on your second day.


You could always teach yourself Angular, but if you want to minimize time and frustration, join this small workshop as I guide you through Angular and help you launch your first full Angular app.

You are:

  • An Angular beginner or new to Angular. his course has beginners in mind, advanced Angular developers will probably be bored. and ng-book are great resources for developers that already know their way around Angular.
  • Competent with JavaScript. You don’t need to be a pro by any means, but you should be very comfortable with JavaScript syntax, functions, and objects. If this is your first time with JavaScript you won’t have a great experience.
  • Familiar with HTML and CSS at a basic level. You’ve built a few pages and fiddled with CSS at the very least.

What you’ll get:

  • Two days of class and labs.
  • Solid understanding of the core pieces of Angular (e.g. controllers, services, directives).
  • A complete Angular app that you’ll deploy and be able to share with your friends.
  • The confidence and knowledge to take what you learned and build Angular apps on your own.
  • Valuable experience with what has become the JavaScript framework of choice for both startups and enterprise.
  • The ability to rapidly build applications Angular apps without server code.
  • My personal email address where you can continue to bug me with questions after the workshop!


Gordon Zhu

Gordon runs, which teaches students how to build web applications with AngularJS. Previously, he was at Google, where he developed applications for the education team using AngularJS. Before that, he was also a product manager (Maps) and product marketing manager (TalkBin and AdWords). Gordon graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, where he majored in economics and management.