Workshop Detail

Applied SEO: Winning at Search To Get New Customers


Getting your business visible in organic search can be elusive. Now search results are localized and uber personalized. In this one-day intensive workshop, participants will learn both the art and science of an SEO strategy and how to apply it on their website.


During this hands-on, one-day intensive workshop, you will:
  • Learn what SEO is and isn’t as it applies to an online marketing strategy
  • Decipher SEO terminology, the difference between White Hat & Grey Hat tactics
  • Peek at some of the 200+ factors used by search engines to rank websites
  • Examine the keyword research process, different types of keywords and the buying cycle
  • Study best practices in structuring a website for SEO
  • Master the elements of optimizing content for SEO’s 2 visitor types
  • Review metrics to monitor and improve SEO effectiveness
  • Discover various SEO Resources & Tools
  • Get an introduction to links (time permitting)
  • Build an SEO strategy (time permitting)

Course Prerequisites

  1. Access to a live website
  2. At least 5 pages of content (300 plus words per page)
  3. Google Search Console Account (connected to the website)
  4. Google Analytics Account (connected to the website)
  5. Google AdWords Account (connected to the website) - doesn’t have to be funded
  6. A Moz Account (30 day free trial)
  7. Access to Google Trends


Massimo Paolini

Massimo Paolini

Massimo Paolini

Massimo Paolini is the founder and CEO of The Spectrum Group Online, a web marketing business based in Silicon Valley. He speaks at various organizations on the power of SEO and works with several businesses around the country to increase their web presence, understand their site traffic, and improve profitability. When not working, he is lecturing his 10-year-old son on the value of tetherball twitter.

Alyson Harrold

Co-Founder and CMO of The Spectrum Group Online, Alyson leverages her extensive marketing and executive brand communication background. To ensure that companies maintain focused conversations, she creates strategies that engage faithful clients as well as attract new ones. Using Brand Intelligence, she uncovers what transforms satisfied clients into raving fans.