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C++11 Bootstrap

2 Day Workshop on Core Updates to C++11

C++11 wasn't just a new standard release, it has been described by many as a new language!

This two-day bootstrap course will get you up-to-speed with the core language and standard library changes you are most likely to employ in your daily work. We will explore the new features through examples and hand-on exercises while discussing practical uses and gotchas.

Participants should have basic knowledge of the C++ language. Bring your laptops and C++11 enabled compilers. This is a hands-on tutorial workshop.


Core and Library Updates (Day 1)

Some of the new language features that will be covered:

  • function and bind
  • lambda expressions
  • smart pointers
  • tuple
  • range-based for loop
  • regex, random
  • static_assert, typeof
  • string literals
  • integer types, nullptr
  • auto and decltype
  • uniform initializer, initializer lists
  • alternative function syntax
  • rvalue reference and move
  • constexpr
  • alias templates
  • variadic templates
  • explicit conversion operators
  • default/delete special member functions

Multithreading and Synchronization (Day 2)

Some of the topics we will cover on day-2 include:

  • thread
  • mutex, lock, condition variable
  • future, promise
  • async, tasks
  • chrono
  • atomic


Michael Caisse

Michael Caisse

Michael Caisse

Michael Caisse has been crafting code in C++ for nearly 25-years. He is a regular speaker at C++Now! where his talks have been awarded Best Workshop and Most Useful Session. Michael is the owner of Ciere Consulting which provides software consulting and contracting services, C++ training, and Project Recovery for failing multidisciplinary engineering projects :