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Chef Workshop Hands-On

The path to DevOps is paved with code for all the things. Chef is a programmatic framework that lets you to codify your infrastructure, application runtimes, continuous integration, application deployments and lifecycle state management.


In this introductory hands-on workshop we will use Chef to write infrastructure code. You will learn Chef by using it. At the end of the class, attendees will have a code repository of their completed work. The repository can be built upon as attendees look to expand their new Chef skills into solving real business problems.
Workshop agenda:
01 - Introduction
02 - Getting a Workstation
03 - Using Chef Resources to define the state of your system
04 - Organizing Chef Resources into Recipes and Recipes into Cookbooks
05 - chef-client
06 - Automated testing of Cookbooks
07 - Using information about the Node in Recipes
08 - Separating Desired State and Data
09 - Optional install party + Wrap up


Bakh Inamov

Bakh Inamov

Bakh Inamov

Bakh is a Solutions Architect at CHEF and he specializes in Delivery - CHEF's new tool for Continuous Integration and Collaboration. Bakh has been with the company since 2013. In this role, Bakh has helped dozens of organizations and hundreds of individuals begin their journey to automation and DevOps. From being a sysadmin to independent consultant to IT lead to product and operations manager - Bakh has worn many hats in his 14+ years in the industry and this gives him a sense of insight and empathy into the challenges and problems that teams face every day.