Workshop Detail

Let's work through some coding interview problems


Why do successful companies like Google, Facebook and other fast-growing startups, have...


such a low, less than 5% pass rate? Are 95% of engineers really just dumb?


At, we believe that most engineers are smart, but they often fail technical interviews, simply because they chronically underestimate the amount of intense preparation required to crack into stellar companies.

While one session here is probably not enough prep to get into Google (or maybe it is, who knows?), we'll make the best of what we have, and go thru a rapid-fire round of short technical questions that are popular in the valley today.

It'll be fun.

Some examples:

1. What is the space complexity of recursion?
2. What is the time complexity of following code? (shown on the screen)
3. What are the three fundamentally different ways to solve the 2Sum problem?
4. When merging sorted arrays, why do we prefer heap sort?
5. Why shouldn't we use Substring() when recursing (or recurring) on a string?
6. LRU cache: Why are linked lists the best data-structure to use here?

Come hungry.


Soham Mehta

Soham is the founder of Interview Kickstart, which is a bootcamp for technical interview preparation.

The bootcamp is laser-focused on re-teaching Data Structures, Algorithms and System Design, to working engineers, who desire to work at high-growth, career-launching tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Prior to InterviewKickstart, Soham was a Director of Engineering at Box and an early engineer there. He helped Box's technical teams grow from 5 to 250 engineers over a span of 5 years. This meant living and breathing the interviewing machine exploring all its nooks and corners, and ups and downs.

Prior to Box, Soham has also worked at eBay and Microsoft.