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Practical product management for new product development

Practical product management for new product development 1 Day Workshop Thursday Oct 9

During this one-day course you'll learn about how to understand your users and analyze the market to build a product that is both desirable and viable, create a roadmap and effectively manage communication with all stakeholders and how to develop metrics to measure your success and make sound product decisions.



During this course we will briefly review what is product management and how the different PM activities are performed during the creation of a new Saas product.


  1. Introduction to Product Management

    1. What is a PM and what it does?

    2. Overview of the product management process.

    3. How to analyze markets and the competition

    4. How to perform marketing segmentation

  2. Testing and validating product hypothesis

    1. Techniques for quantitative and qualitative market research.

    2. How to create a user persona.

    3. How to wireframe and test product prototypes

    4. How to interview a potential user.

    5. How to translate user needs into product features.

    6. How to apply lean principles to test and validate assumptions.

  3. Building a roadmap and measuring outcomes

    1. Introduction to different types of roadmaps

    2. How to break product features into components and prioritize the development.

    3. How to identify the right metrics and KPI to track for your product

    4. SaaS metrics 101


Luca Candela

Head of Product Management at Treasure Data. Specialized in interaction design, user research and testing. I run the best design meetup in the Bay Area, the "UX Eye for the developer guy"