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About Code Stars Summit

Code Stars Summit is built on top of Silicon Valley Code Camp, the premier free conference of sessions in the world now going on its 9th year. Code Stars Summit, unlike Code Camp are all day attendee paid workshops led primarily by top instructors from code camp and others of equal stature. Expect after coming to this event to not just have an idea about the new technology taught, but to leave the dedicated instruction with the right applicable knowledge to build applications.

Star Presenters

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      Todd McLeod

    Learn The Go (golang) Programming Language & Web Dev With Go

    Build Web Apps that easily scale to millions of individuals with Google’s Go language (Golang). You will leave with resources and code samples to start making all of your software and apps really go.
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      Nuri Halperin

    MongoDB Crash Course

    MongoDB is the to go-to database for many organizations. While it is easy to set up, it is a serious database, requiring care and knowledge to run successfully in production. This workshop will show you how to set up and use MongoDB like a champ!
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      Sean McKenna

    Hands on with Microsoft Azure

    In this workshop, we'll show how you can use Azure services to build and manage scalable, reliable cloud applications using a wide variety of languages, frameworks, and tools.
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      Jeremy Clark

    Getting Better with C#: Interfaces & Dependency Injection

    Loosely coupled code is easier to maintain, extend, and test. Interfaces and Dependency Injection (DI) help us get there. Join Pluralsight author and international speaker Jeremy Clark to learn how to use interfaces and DI effectively in our code.
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      Arun Gupta

    Package, Deploy, Scale Your Applications Using Docker and Kubernetes

    This tutorial shows how to package, deploy, and scale Java applications with Docker and Kubernetes.
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      Soham Mehta

    Coding interviews: Get awesome at Recursion and Dynamic Programming

    Coming off of a short session in the Silicon Valley Code Camp, we'll continue our journey into Recursion. We'll start with simple problems, try to identify patterns and then go into harder problems.
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      Llewellyn Falco

    Developing a Design Sense for your Code

    We are going to use some cutting edge training to train your pattern recognition section of your brain to instantly recognize common reoccurring anti-pattern in your code. After you see them, we will learn to fix them.
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      Ron Lichty

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      Mickey W. Mantle

    Managing Software People and Teams

    A 1 day workshop that will give you the tools, insights, and confidence to manage programmers and programming teams effectively. Learn how to turbocharge your career and deliver outstanding results for your company!
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      Randy Scovil

    Learning iOS With Swift

    Learn to write iOS apps in the Swift programming language. This workshop will introduce iOS development with examples written in Swift. Course content ranges from simple apps to more advanced user interfaces and submitting to the app store.
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      David McCarter

    Rock Your Technical Interview

    Have you ever not gotten a job because you weren’t prepared for the interview? Would you like a big raise? Do you need motivation to rock your career? I’ve interviewed 100’s of software developers and will share my knowledge on how to survive.
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      Ben Lesh

    Thinking Reactively With RxJS 5

    Learn the basics of reactive programming with RxJS and Observables.

What are the workshop topics?

Topics are selected based on what people are most attracted to at Silicon Valley Code Camp. Expect that most workshops will be lead by top Silicon Valley Code Camp speakers. Each of the workshops (either one or more days long) will be of limited size (typically 25 to 45 students per track).

How much will it cost me to attend?

Expect to pay less than what you would pay at a professional training company. Our focus here is to provide top quality, focussed education from top Code Stars.

Where is the current Code Stars Summit Being Held?

Evergreen Valley College
3095 Yerba Buena Rd
San Jose, CA 95135